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The Laser


Why choose the laser?



Laser is an efficient, functional and economical technology.


There are no special preparations or installations for laser processing, that's why productions times and extra costs are reduced. Thanks to laser technology is possible to produce samplings in a short time and also it's possible to make file changings during the process.



Unlike the printing, laser engraving could not fade and so it lasts over time.



We work for different areas, such as:



Graphic area


We cut, engrave and mark thin and thick paper without any burn traces on the surface. The union between paper and laser gave life to proper art works that makes every event memorable.










We cut and engrave wood, also high thickness.


Plastic and electronic area


We engrave objects surfaces veering the material's color 



Medical area


We engrave accurately small medical components.





We can cut and mark fabric, denim, leather, velvet and all kind of cloth. We have more than one laser machine, so we can process both small and big surfaces and also materials on reels with any kind of graphic, without damaging the products. We can also engrave buttons, buckles and pullers made of plastic, nacre or metal.





We cut wood and plexiglass, also high thickness. We bend and engrave as you prefer in order to unleash your creativity.


Promotional gadgets and gifts


We can mark a wide range of objects and material such as pens, lighters, agendas etc... but also glass, porcelain and pottery to customize catering objects.







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